About Sun Bed Ban

Welcome to Sun Bed Ban.

I love to feel good about myself and who doesn’t?  The key to getting the right balance though is making sure the short term beauty fixes and vices we have do not affect our health in the long term.

Why We Want You To ‘Keep Yourself Healthy’

Everyone at some time or another has been pulled in by the adverts and media offering a life changing solution to a problem.  Make yourself more attractive… lose weight…be more confident…relaxed…smarter, the list goes on and on.  The messages behind the new fads and products are not wrong, we should want to make the most of ourselves and like the famous brand says ‘we’re worth it!’ BUT not at the expense of our health and well being.  The important part is to see the whole picture, have all the facts and decide what we want to do that it best for us.  After all, these companies are doing everything they can to sell their products and as much as they make it seem they care about us, profit is the priority.

I wanted to start this website though to give a clearer picture of some of the tempting beauty choices out there and make sure everyone doesn’t just jump on board without thinking about the whole effects.   I got very carried away a few years ago keeping up my year round tan.  The magazines, adverts, stars on TV all had an amazing glowing tan, unlike me in the middle of Manchester in winter!  Why shouldn’t I use the sunbed and make myself feel more confident and beautiful?  Well, the skin cancer scare I had jolted me back to what’s really important.  I wish, looking back that I had just had a little voice somewhere asking me to think at my choices from all angles not just short term and that it what I want to do here.

I’m certainly not going to tell you to stop using certain beauty or recreational products but my message is simply KNOW ALL THE FACTS, THEN DECIDE FOR YOURSELF!

I hope you enjoy reading my articles and please add any comments you have for others to share your experiences and get even more insight into the issues I raise.

Carla xx