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Tanning Pills – Are They Safe?

are tanning pills safe?

This article reveals whether the use of tanning pills can cause side effects. Learn more about it here.

Many people living in the western hemisphere that consider themselves “pale skinned” love to sport a tan all year round. This is the reason why in Europe and even in the US many are still using sunbeds even with the many warnings issued against its use. Sunbeds are found to be harmful to one’s health because of the concentrated doses of radiation it subjects the body. In fact using sunbeds can be more dangerous than standing out in the sun. The health concerns of sunbeds are the reason why an alternative for getting that tan are sought.

Many are also attracted to tanning pills. These pills are said to produce a tan in just a few days with continuous intake. But are there things you need to know about tanning pills before you try them?

ways to get a tan

What are tanning pills?

Tanning pills are said to give the skin a natural looking tan minus the radiation from sunbeds or the sun. It does this by providing people massive doses of colour additives, in most pills this is the substance called canthaxanthin. Large doses of this element forces the body to store it just about anywhere including the skin thus providing for a tan.

The colour of this tan ranges from orange to brown. The pills do not encourage the supply of melanin like some people thought (there are pills however that use thaismechanism to have a tan). The colour is simply from an excess of a colouring that do not have anywhere to go in the body thus the colouration of the skin. The orange tinge is caused by the presence of beta carotene which is also a common ingredient in tanning pills and a direct derivative of canthaxanthin.

It is important to note however that these pills are not approved by the FDA for such use. Canthaxanthin is a generally safe substance that is cleared by the FDA as a colour additive in food products such as ketchup. But massive doses of it in a daily basis are considered unsafe by the same agency.

Tanning pills and canthaxanthin

The major component of tanning pills is canthaxanthin. What is it exactly? Canthaxanthin is a lipid soluble element found in many sources such as plants, mushrooms, bacteria, algae, crayfish, and even bird feathers. It is commonly known as the Food Orange 8. The said food colouring is used to make barbecue, pizza, and spaghetti look better. It is used as colouring in salad dressings, fruit drinks, pudding, cheeses, and many more.

The safety concerns of tanning pills

side effects from tanning pills

Tanning pills may not be new in the market but the controversy around it is old news since the FDA banned similar pills in the past (early 90’s). These pills are known to cause some minor and serious side effects plus other things that can surface with prolong use. The average daily intake of canthaxanthin is pegged at 5 mg but with the typical dosing of tanning pills, this figure will blow up to 120 mg per day. This is a number that may cause problems for the body.

Tanning pills can cause the following side effects:

  • Discolouration of the stool
  • Discolouration of palms of the hands and soles of the feet
  • Gastrointestinal discomfort
  • Canthaxanthin-induced retinopathy and impaired vision
  • Aplastic anemia (very rare)
  • Can cause hives
  • Can cause liver damage


Some people believe that these pills offer protection from sunburn or radiation from the sun. But this is not true. It is important that you steer clear from exposure from the sun or have a strict standard of sunbed use to make sure that UVA and UVB induced skin damage is minimized.

Sunbeds vs. tanning pills

tanning pills or sunbeds?

Many people are asking, which is safer. Some are even asking in the light of the health risks of tanning pills, should I use a sunbed instead? The answer will all depend on you. However you need to understand that both options have health risks and that these risks are serious enough that it would merit a decision that says no to both.

However it is obvious that tanning pills has lesser health risks. The most worrisome of them all is the forming of crystals in the retina which may impair your vision. There is still no study about the long term effects of these crystal formations as there are cases when these are asymptomatic.

Sunbeds on the other hand can cause a myriad of health woes including sunburn which can of course lead to skin cancer. Health concerns of sunbeds can also be in the form of premature ageing of the skin making it dry and leathery. Sunbeds can also cause eye damage especially when eye protection during sessions is not used. Because of these things taking a pill every day might prove to be the lesser evil. It can also be seen that side effects from sunbeds are way more severe. From that perspective alone a short term use of tanning pill can be an acceptable compromise for a much sought tan.






How Safe Are Brain Drugs?

smart drugs

This article explains the safety of using the so-called brain drugs or smart pills. Read more about them before buying.

The demands of modern lifestyle to our brains are way higher compared in the past. Life now is faster thanks to breakthroughs in technology and telecommunication. We are bombarded with a lot of information all at the same time in real time. Getting overloaded is not a matter of if but when. This is the reason why the demand for brain pills is climbing. To have an enhanced take of one’s life today, you need to have a higher sense of focus and mental prowess to deliver what it is expected from you at work and at home. We are becoming more and more aware of the need to look after our brain health as well as the rest of our body. What are brain pills and are these medications even safe to use?


The truth is, the search for a smart drug is not something new. Even age old ingredients like gingko biloba have been used for a long time to improve brain power and are included in a lot of smart pills such as Mindboost. Herbal pills are also available in the market today with many people claiming to improve their memory by taking these pills. Are the effects of these substances to the brain even true? Is there really such thing as a smart drug?

The pills that can make you smarter

These smart drugs are generally called nootropics, a term coined way back in the 70’s but is only having the attention it deserves today thanks to the different demands of the job market these days. However the need for smart pills is not just for college students who want to make the grade or professionals and entrepreneurs who want to have the competitive advantage when they are out at work. It is also for people who are recovering from a stroke, a working mother who needs a boost of smarts and energy dealing with home and work stuff, and many others who desperately needs help with their mental functioning. The application of smart drugs is quite wide.

brain pills

What are in these pills? The most popular smart pill in the market today is actually from a concoction of different active ingredients known to boost brain power. The most common of these substances are niacin, various vitamins, neurotransmitter GABA, caffeine, plant extracts such as vinpocetine, bacoside A and huperzine A. The combination of these things and others are used to produce smart drugs or nootropics but which is best for you depends on the ingredients, what you want to get from the pill and many other individual factors.  Everyone is different and you need to find out as much about each one before you decide to try one, if at all.

The dark side of the brain pill

The dark side of brain pill is the use of questionable ingredients for a brain enhancing drug. This is what the FDA is trying hard to control, the key ingredients that are seen to be too much for brain performance enhancement. One of these is piracetam. This controversial ingredient is known to cause severe side effects including withdrawal symptoms when a person stops taking it.

There are many substances available from many suppliers online that are not even safe for humans, let alone good for the brain. This is why people are warned in their experimentation with smart drugs. While there are plenty of sources of these substances only a few can be trusted. This is often where the problem lies with these drugs.

There are others who experiment with their stacks or combination of brain enhancing drugs and substances. While this is okay this also increases one’s risk of taking possibly dangerous drugs or overdosing on substances.

Buying from trusted suppliers

use trusted online drug sources

It is best however to just buy a drug that is already marketed as a finished product. One of which are pills made by AlternaScript. The company has been into smart drugs for a long time and the team behind it started out when they were still in college. The company only offers pre-packaged blends that are ready to use for online buyers. There are other similar companies online using the same strategy of making and packaging smart drugs.

AlternaScript market their products as a food supplement that can help you focus better, remember more, be more attentive and motivated.

Where it all started

Where did smart drugs all started? It started in the need to help ADHD sufferers and those that are dealing with Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease. Brain enhancement drugs are directed for these patients to boost their memory and improve their motor skills in the midst of the degenerative damage in the brain. Some of the drugs introduced to these patients improved symptoms. This opened up an opportunity for people without these diseases to just maximize their normally functioning brains. They are using the drugs and stimulants used for the people with cognitive and neurological conditions to just do better at school or at work.

Academic use

study drugs

It is in college where the battle was opened for brain enhancing drugs – the duel between smart drugs vs. nootropics. Nootropics are seen to be more potent in pushing the brain to do more. In many cases nootropics include the integration of stimulants such as dimethylamylamine and methylphenidate. Although the effects of these drugs in one’s academic pursuits is still not known, this does not change the fact that in some campuses, almost 25% of the college population are into brain pills.

Are Hot Tubs Safe?

should you use a hot tub?

After a tiring day at work, everyone wants to relax in a hot tub. But is it safe? Know the answer right here.

Dipping in hot tubs is amazingly relaxing. It can soothe sore muscles, help the body sweat out excess sodium and other undesirable substances which can include toxins. This makes the hot tub a handy liver and kidney “assistant”, in fact some doctors recommend people with liver and kidney problems to dip in hot tubs frequently. Getting in hot tubs can also help people with asthma and other respiratory conditions. In short dipping in these warm tubs is good for your health. But people often ask, is my hot tub safe?

keep safe in your hot tub

Issues with hot tub use

There are many things you need to be mindful about when using a tub at home or at a nearby spa. Here are some sources of problems with using a hot tub.

  1. Medical considerations – First you need to understand that dipping in a hot body of water has some medical implications. For people with a heart condition excessively hot water can stress the heart. Therefore it is important to get clearance from your doctor before dipping in if you have some heart issues.
  2. Sanitation – a hot tub can be host to bacteria and other contaminants that can make you sick. Be sure to check that your tub is fit for use.
  3. Safety – do not overexpose yourself to too much heat in the tub. And you also need to consider the chemicals used in sanitizing it. Not all of it is safe or potent enough to kill the germs present in the water.
  4. The number of people you share the tub with – it is just not hygienic for hot tubs to be too crowded with people. Limit the number of people dipping with you. In a spa, make sure only a few people are in the tub before you jump in.

As you can see, the problems listed above are very easy to address and some simple precautions can help you steer clear from the problems inherent with hot tub use. Sanitation issues however are wide so it is just right that this be explored more.

hot tub sanitation concerns

Hot tub sanitation concerns

Why is hot tub sanitation very important? You need to remember that you are dipping in a hot tub to improve your health and wellness. Contracting a disease from a hot tub is just not right. Sanitation is more challenging in a hot tub that in a pool because of one thing – heat. The heat from the tub makes it very hard to have a steady level of disinfectant in the water. The warm water can easily make germs and bacteria survive as it neutralizes the potency of the disinfectants used in the water. What are the sanitation issues that can arise from hot tubs?

  1. Contracting Pseudomonas aeruginosa – this specific germ easily multiply when the condition in the hot tub is right. Because people dip in hot tubs longer, their exposure to the germ also increases. This give way to the surfacing of the symptoms of pseudomonas folliculitis or commonly known as hot tub rash. The rashes forms around the swimsuit as it only attacks exposed skin. The rashes can get very severe that it forms bumpy rashes and even blisters in hair follicles. The symptoms often surface after a few days of exposure. If you have any skin condition or sunburn, careful use of hot tub is required so as to not aggravate your condition more.
  1. Getting Legionnaires’ disease – while hot tub rashes clear up on its own even without treatment this disease on the other hand is on a different league and can be potentially fatal. This is a type of pneumonia that is brought about by a germ called Legionella commonly found in warm water. Its entry to the body is often through the steam or mist from the contaminated tub. People who are more than 50, smokers, or have a weak immunue system are more susceptible to the disease. Its survival in the hot tub is like that of Pseudomonas aeruginosa – it waits for the perfect condition in the water to propagate. Aside from the pneumonia it causes, the germ can also cause Pontiac fever, a flu-like illness.
  1. Human waste in the water – the truth is it is not just the water that is the problem, it is the humans too that slip into the hot tub. A person has an average of a tenth of a gram of feces in their gluteal fold (butt crack). This is how much feces is introduced to the water. More people in the tub mean more fecal matter in the water. Even if you do not mind about the gross reality of such contamination, the amount of feces in the water can transmit diseases making it very dangerous to your health.

Then there is the urine. When urine mixes with the sweat already in the pool you get an irritant called chloramine. This causes the stinging sensation in the eyes and can also irritate the respiratory tract.

problems with using a hot tub

What can you do?

Hot tub safety is easy and necessary. Doing the following can go a long way in ensuring that hot tub use is safe:

  • Avoid at all cost swallowing water in the hot tub
  • Take a shower before entering the tub
  • Check the number of bathers in the tub. The more people in it the more unsanitary it gets.
  • Do not bring your kids with you in the tub
  • If pregnant consult your doctor first if getting on a tub is okay for you

Doing these precautions can improve hot tub use. Is my hot tub safe? It can be if as long as you follow maintenance instructions carefully.

Is Vaping Safe?

is vaping safe?

Most people know that cigarette smoking is harmful to one’s health so many have switched to vaping. But is vaping really a safer alternative? Find out in this article.

Smoking kills 6 million people every year and if current trends continue annual deaths will reach 8 million by 2030. But this is not the scary part. Up to 100,000 young people all over the world get into the habit of smoking and they too will be part of the fatal statistics soon enough. The frustrating part of death due to smoking is that it is leading cause of preventable death in the world according to the World Health Organization. That is why when electronic cigarettes came to the market, many are hopeful this will untangle the death trap of smoking. But the question now is – are vaporizers safe?

Electronic cigarettes and vaporizers


What is the difference between vaporizers and e-cigarettes? This question is very common because both of these products are now widely popular with some people preferring one from the other. But majority of the population actually thinks these two are the same. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The similarities:

  • Both electronic cigarettes or e-cigs and vaporizers use batteries to function. Both are chargeable using USB or a wall charger.
  • E-cigs and vaporizers do not produce smoke instead they produce vapour.
  • The vapour produced by these devices are not dangerous.
  • These devices use e-liquid. The devices turn this liquid to vapour. This liquid carries the flavouring the nicotine.

The differences:

  • Although both devices produce vapour, the way they produce it are different. E-cigs heat the e-liquid or in essence burn it to produce the vapour. The vaporizer on the other hand heats the e-liquid gradually with warm air passing through it to slowly produce vapour. What users get is a bigger cloud of vapour but without burning the liquid.
  • Vaporizers are bigger than the e-cigs, which looks more like a fountain pen than a cigarette.
  • Vaporizers can store more e-liquid which also means longer use.

Which is better to use? In this juncture the user’s preferences is king. There is little differentiation in the experience of using a vaporizer or e-cig. However vaporizers are more customizable so that the experience can be tailored to one’s preferences. It is however important to note that the e-liquid used by e-cigs and vaporizers are different. While e-cigs and their e-liquid can be bought in gas stations and convenience stores, vaporizers are sold in more specialized stores. The liquid used by vaporizers is also sold in these specialized stores which many argue to be a safer option than mass produced e-liquids for e-cigs.

Cigarettes vs. Vaporizers

cigarettes or vaporizers?

Are vaporizers safer than cigarettes? The answer is a big yes. Because e-cigs do not burn tobacco leaves, there is no harmful carbon monoxide to deal with. The toxicity of cigarettes is from the burning of tobacco which contains a lot of heavy metals, potent preservatives and other harmful chemicals. Smoking an e-cig is 95% safer than lighting a cigarette. This is the reason why many believe that e-cigs and vaporizers can do a lot in fighting nicotine addiction and smoking deaths.

In fact many people who were chain smokers choose to go for e-cigs to taper off from their habit. The advantage of e-cigs is that the liquid it uses have varying nicotine content levels making it very easy for people to slowly flush out nicotine from their system. The psychological effect of holding something in your hand like a cigarette and seeing “smoke” as you exhale can also be therapeutic for many and can accelerate their effort to finally say goodbye to cigarettes.

The true face of vaporizers

side effects of vaping

There is really no long term study of the effects of vaporizers to the health of people. This is because these devices are just invented recently (2003) so information in its long term effects is not yet available. So far these have proven to be safer for people than cigarettes. One good example that shows vaporizers are safe is that people can tolerate the vapours from these even in closed public spaces since it does not have the nasty smell of burning tobacco.

There is also circulating fears that these devices can introduce and encourage many young people to smoking cigarettes, but there is really no evidence or studies supporting this notion. However it is important to note that people drawn in to e-cigs are the very same people drawn in to smoking. Perhaps the comforting truth is that there are e-liquids that do not contain nicotine at all and the joy left for people using it is seeing vapour and the fact that they are holding something that calms their nerves.

The demand for e-cig and vaporizer is rising all over the world. Today it is a multi-billion dollar industry that might overtake the tobacco industry in a decade or so.

What are vaping side effects?

Contrary to popular belief, even with the safer ingredients contained in an e-liquid, vaping can still carry some side effects. This can include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Rash
  • Burning feeling in the face
  • Dry skin
  • Caffeine sensitivity
  • Dry eyes or puffy eyes

However it is important to remember that these side effects are usually temporary. But what is it you are getting from an e-cig? Here you will see that there are more advantages to using vaporizers than a cigarette.

  • No fire, flame, no need for lighter and no need to deal with cigarette butts and ashes
  • No need to deal with second hand smoke or be a source of second hand smoke
  • Less waste
  • You will have better health by steering clear from the thousands of chemicals you inhale by lighting a cigarette
  • No more ugly yellow fingers
  • No more smoker’s breath
  • No dealing with social stigmas of smoking
  • The vapour is completely odourless so it does not leave any smell in clothes

While people are still knowing more about vaporizers there is little doubt that using these for now is way safer than filling up your lungs with poisonous fumes. Are vaporizers safe? The answer is still yes even if a big part of long term use of these devices is not known for now. Just as in the use of diet pills, make sure you use them with full knowledge of the facts.

Diet Pill Warnings

warnings of diet pills

Millions of people take diet pills but health experts have repeatedly cautioned us against these products. Learn more in this article.

There are almost 80 million people in the US that are obese, approximately one third or 35% of the total population of the country. It is a severe problem that is costing the nation almost $150 billion every year. The need to trim down and lose weight is not just for looking and feeling better it is also about living longer. Obesity can complicate to diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and various types of cancer. There are of course tried and tested methods of weight loss such as proper diet and exercise however many people find this time consuming and requiring a lot of effort. This is why diet pills have a strong demand. But there are also diet pill side effects you need to be mindful about.

side effects of diet pills

The safety issues of diet pills

Are diet pills safe? There are so many diet pills in the market and some are prescribed by doctors for some cases of obesity. Side effects are a reality of any drug people use today so these too need to be expected. However there are also diet pills that can be hazardous to one’s health especially when its use is abused.

Many people think that diet pills are all the same. But the truth is many pills have different mechanisms for weight loss. There are pills that suppress appetite while some are lipase inhibitors that prevent fats from forming inside the body.

If it is “generally” safe, what are the instances that it is unsafe or what are known diet pills that carry with it potentially dangerous side effects?

  • Sibutramine which was already pulled out from the market since 2010 was associated with increased risk of heart attack and stroke. Fenfluramine is also pulled out from the market which was associated with heart and lung damage.
  • There are weight loss drugs that have the substance called symphathomimeticamines that causes the heart to beat faster which can lead to high blood pressure.
  • Lipase inhibitors like Alli and Xenical (still in the market now) has been associated with liver injury. Although this is very rare, users of the said pills are warned of symptoms like jaundice, stomach pain, pale or tar coloured stools, urine with a brown colour, and itching as these can point to liver damage. These pills can also cause gallstones and kidney stones so it is best to weigh in the risks before you get into these for the long haul.
  • Qsymia is an FDA approved drug for weight loss but is strictly used under the supervision of a doctor as this can cause serious birth defects. The drug however has a wider application so it remains to be out in the market.
  • Aside from these serious side effects, almost all diet pills are associated with minor side effects such as dry mouth, restlessness and insomnia or inability to fall asleep, constipation, withdrawal effects and many more. So common inquiries like “should I avoid diet pills” is answered by a no. If your case permits it and your doctor deem it safe for you to take it, then you may use these pills to help you shed some pounds.

Are all diet pills dangerous? The answer is no. Not all are dangerous and if they do become dangerous, this often points to abuse and lack of knowledge how to use it properly. Whether you like it or not these pills are somehow needed on some cases of weight loss. For people who are morbidly obese these pills can help them lose weight faster but with the help of better nutrition and exercise of course.

safety issues of diet pills

Other dangers of diet pills

Other associated dangers of drugs can include dependence. There are diet pills that the body can easily get used to. The tolerance the body develops toward such pills can lead to addiction or increasing dependence so that when the user stops using the pill it can cause withdrawal symptoms.

This is the reason why some drugs demand the supervision of doctors. There are also diet pills that can cause personality changes, even psychosis. Withdrawal from some pills can also cause depression. This is the reason why diet pill use must be taken with care. Examples of such diet pills include Adipex-P, Bontril SR, Desoxyn, Didrex, and many more. It is best to use these pills in a very short period of time, just to help the body get used to a drastic diet. Long term use is never recommended.

diet pills doctor supervision

The side effects according to the type of diet pills

  1. Appetite suppressants – these can cause insomnia, restlessness, nervousness and then dependence. It can also cause withdrawal symptoms. Constipation and dry mouth is also common when using these pills.
  2. Lipase inhibitors – these pills can cause fecal urgency, loose stools, flatulence, and oil spotting. It is best that when using these types of pills that you also take multivitamins to replace nutrition loss.

Diet pill side effects should be expected and monitored carefully when taking these pills. The more you know what to expect the safer you will feel when these symptoms do surface. However it is important to note that these pills do have some serious side effects and that careful use is the key to safety. Consult your doctor and always be straightforward about your medical history so that your doctor can suggest a diet pill that is best suited for you. The use of other methods to lose weight is always the better option but not always the easiest, diet pills do come with a price to your health in one way or another. It’s your choice as to whether they are worth the risk but make sure you know all the facts.

Dangers of Sun Beds

are sunbeds safe?

If you are thinking of using a sun bed, make sure you read this article before doing so.

Sunbeds have been used for over 100 years now and around 10% of the European population is still using these either in wellness centres or in the privacy of their own homes. Sunbeds have been touted as a way to improve one’s health and wellness in the past, but the WHO is reversing these claims together with other health organizations around the world. Why is the campaign against sunbeds getting more intense lately? There are simply too many health concerns of sunbeds that neglecting these can mean long term health effects that will eventually lead to premature death. Considering the number of people using these, the health implications are wide.

should I use a sunbed?

What about sunbeds?

Sunbeds, sun booths and sun lamps can produce the same harmful radiation from the sun like those from UVA and UVB rays. These can make the skin coarse and leathery and it can also burn the skin and damage it in the genetic level. The tan is not just a mere colour change in the skin but a means of the body to protect itself from the negative effects of UV rays.

While many people like to believe that getting a tan in a sunbed is safer than getting it out in the sun, the truth is actually the opposite depending on factors such as the frequency of your sunbed use, the length of time you use a sunbed, the strength of the UV rays inside the sunbed, your skin type, and your age.

Because of these factors, the Scientific Committee on Consumer Products set the maximum limit for ultraviolet or UVR exposure from sunbeds. The figure set by the committee is a maximum of 0.3W/m2 (standard erythema doses per hour). Erythema refers to the reddening of the skin due to sunburn. The limit set above simply equates to 11 doses of tropical sun exposure which WHO already sees as “extreme”.

The health dangers of sunbeds

What if the limit mentioned earlier is violated? What can happen? Radiation exposure through sunbeds can cause a lot of health problems in the human body. Side effects from sunbeds include:

  1. Sunburn – aside from sunburns being painful, this can actually cause more harm to the body. The burnt skin is a sign that the DNA in your skin cells incurred damage. Sunburn damage does not need to be severe with the appearance of peeling and blisters. As long as the skin turns pink it is already burnt.

sunbeds can cause sunburn

While sunburn looks harmless (the body peels away the damaged skin) and the normal colour of your skin goes back to normal in time, getting sunburned just once every 2 years increases the risks of skin cancer three times. The odds are not in your favour at all.


  1. Skin cancer – skin cancer develops from constant sunburns. When there is just too much damage to the DNA of your skin cells this can lead to unchecked skin cell growth and will ultimately lead to cancer. In severe cases of sunburn the skin cells are so damaged the body needs to get rid of these through peeling. Sometimes the body cannot get rid all of these damaged skin and this too contribute to the formation of cancerous growth in the skin.

sunbeds linked to skin cancer

The reason why skin cancer can be so dangerous is because it is invasive. As the cancerous cells multiply and form tumour, these mutated cells can easily move through the lymphatic system of the body and then to the different organs in the body, even in the bones. When this happen, it is often too late to pursue effective cancer treatment.


  1. Eye damage – using sunbeds exposes you to UVA and UVB rays. In a sunbed these rays are directed at your face, so eye damage is certain especially when you fail to use ample eye protection. Many people shun protective goggle because of the risk of getting “panda eyes”. But closing your eyes when doing sunbed sessions is simply not enough to thwart the damaging effects of radiation.

sun beds can damage your eyes

What can happen? This can lead to blindness caused by growth in the eyes such as cataracts, or permanent eye damage, even cancer. The high dose of radiation from sunbeds almost makes eye damage inevitable especially when you start using sunbeds at an early age.

Should I use a sunbed?

Your answer will definitely depend on your priorities. Although a tan is very nice to look at and getting them through a sunbed is very convenient, you also need to think about the long term effects of sunbed use.

There are things you can do to make sunbeds safer for you. Controlling the frequency, duration of use and taking into account your skin type are just some things you can consider seriously before using a sunbed. But the health concerns of sunbeds are plenty and dangerous that steering clear from sunbeds completely might be the smartest thing you can do.