How Safe Are Brain Drugs?

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This article explains the safety of using the so-called brain drugs or smart pills. Read more about them before buying.

The demands of modern lifestyle to our brains are way higher compared in the past. Life now is faster thanks to breakthroughs in technology and telecommunication. We are bombarded with a lot of information all at the same time in real time. Getting overloaded is not a matter of if but when. This is the reason why the demand for brain pills is climbing. To have an enhanced take of one’s life today, you need to have a higher sense of focus and mental prowess to deliver what it is expected from you at work and at home. We are becoming more and more aware of the need to look after our brain health as well as the rest of our body. What are brain pills and are these medications even safe to use?


The truth is, the search for a smart drug is not something new. Even age old ingredients like gingko biloba have been used for a long time to improve brain power and are included in a lot of smart pills such as Mindboost. Herbal pills are also available in the market today with many people claiming to improve their memory by taking these pills. Are the effects of these substances to the brain even true? Is there really such thing as a smart drug?

The pills that can make you smarter

These smart drugs are generally called nootropics, a term coined way back in the 70’s but is only having the attention it deserves today thanks to the different demands of the job market these days. However the need for smart pills is not just for college students who want to make the grade or professionals and entrepreneurs who want to have the competitive advantage when they are out at work. It is also for people who are recovering from a stroke, a working mother who needs a boost of smarts and energy dealing with home and work stuff, and many others who desperately needs help with their mental functioning. The application of smart drugs is quite wide.

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What are in these pills? The most popular smart pill in the market today is actually from a concoction of different active ingredients known to boost brain power. The most common of these substances are niacin, various vitamins, neurotransmitter GABA, caffeine, plant extracts such as vinpocetine, bacoside A and huperzine A. The combination of these things and others are used to produce smart drugs or nootropics but which is best for you depends on the ingredients, what you want to get from the pill and many other individual factors.  Everyone is different and you need to find out as much about each one before you decide to try one, if at all.

The dark side of the brain pill

The dark side of brain pill is the use of questionable ingredients for a brain enhancing drug. This is what the FDA is trying hard to control, the key ingredients that are seen to be too much for brain performance enhancement. One of these is piracetam. This controversial ingredient is known to cause severe side effects including withdrawal symptoms when a person stops taking it.

There are many substances available from many suppliers online that are not even safe for humans, let alone good for the brain. This is why people are warned in their experimentation with smart drugs. While there are plenty of sources of these substances only a few can be trusted. This is often where the problem lies with these drugs.

There are others who experiment with their stacks or combination of brain enhancing drugs and substances. While this is okay this also increases one’s risk of taking possibly dangerous drugs or overdosing on substances.

Buying from trusted suppliers

use trusted online drug sources

It is best however to just buy a drug that is already marketed as a finished product. One of which are pills made by AlternaScript. The company has been into smart drugs for a long time and the team behind it started out when they were still in college. The company only offers pre-packaged blends that are ready to use for online buyers. There are other similar companies online using the same strategy of making and packaging smart drugs.

AlternaScript market their products as a food supplement that can help you focus better, remember more, be more attentive and motivated.

Where it all started

Where did smart drugs all started? It started in the need to help ADHD sufferers and those that are dealing with Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease. Brain enhancement drugs are directed for these patients to boost their memory and improve their motor skills in the midst of the degenerative damage in the brain. Some of the drugs introduced to these patients improved symptoms. This opened up an opportunity for people without these diseases to just maximize their normally functioning brains. They are using the drugs and stimulants used for the people with cognitive and neurological conditions to just do better at school or at work.

Academic use

study drugs

It is in college where the battle was opened for brain enhancing drugs – the duel between smart drugs vs. nootropics. Nootropics are seen to be more potent in pushing the brain to do more. In many cases nootropics include the integration of stimulants such as dimethylamylamine and methylphenidate. Although the effects of these drugs in one’s academic pursuits is still not known, this does not change the fact that in some campuses, almost 25% of the college population are into brain pills.

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