Is Vaping Safe?

is vaping safe?

Most people know that cigarette smoking is harmful to one’s health so many have switched to vaping. But is vaping really a safer alternative? Find out in this article.

Smoking kills 6 million people every year and if current trends continue annual deaths will reach 8 million by 2030. But this is not the scary part. Up to 100,000 young people all over the world get into the habit of smoking and they too will be part of the fatal statistics soon enough. The frustrating part of death due to smoking is that it is leading cause of preventable death in the world according to the World Health Organization. That is why when electronic cigarettes came to the market, many are hopeful this will untangle the death trap of smoking. But the question now is – are vaporizers safe?

Electronic cigarettes and vaporizers


What is the difference between vaporizers and e-cigarettes? This question is very common because both of these products are now widely popular with some people preferring one from the other. But majority of the population actually thinks these two are the same. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The similarities:

  • Both electronic cigarettes or e-cigs and vaporizers use batteries to function. Both are chargeable using USB or a wall charger.
  • E-cigs and vaporizers do not produce smoke instead they produce vapour.
  • The vapour produced by these devices are not dangerous.
  • These devices use e-liquid. The devices turn this liquid to vapour. This liquid carries the flavouring the nicotine.

The differences:

  • Although both devices produce vapour, the way they produce it are different. E-cigs heat the e-liquid or in essence burn it to produce the vapour. The vaporizer on the other hand heats the e-liquid gradually with warm air passing through it to slowly produce vapour. What users get is a bigger cloud of vapour but without burning the liquid.
  • Vaporizers are bigger than the e-cigs, which looks more like a fountain pen than a cigarette.
  • Vaporizers can store more e-liquid which also means longer use.

Which is better to use? In this juncture the user’s preferences is king. There is little differentiation in the experience of using a vaporizer or e-cig. However vaporizers are more customizable so that the experience can be tailored to one’s preferences. It is however important to note that the e-liquid used by e-cigs and vaporizers are different. While e-cigs and their e-liquid can be bought in gas stations and convenience stores, vaporizers are sold in more specialized stores. The liquid used by vaporizers is also sold in these specialized stores which many argue to be a safer option than mass produced e-liquids for e-cigs.

Cigarettes vs. Vaporizers

cigarettes or vaporizers?

Are vaporizers safer than cigarettes? The answer is a big yes. Because e-cigs do not burn tobacco leaves, there is no harmful carbon monoxide to deal with. The toxicity of cigarettes is from the burning of tobacco which contains a lot of heavy metals, potent preservatives and other harmful chemicals. Smoking an e-cig is 95% safer than lighting a cigarette. This is the reason why many believe that e-cigs and vaporizers can do a lot in fighting nicotine addiction and smoking deaths.

In fact many people who were chain smokers choose to go for e-cigs to taper off from their habit. The advantage of e-cigs is that the liquid it uses have varying nicotine content levels making it very easy for people to slowly flush out nicotine from their system. The psychological effect of holding something in your hand like a cigarette and seeing “smoke” as you exhale can also be therapeutic for many and can accelerate their effort to finally say goodbye to cigarettes.

The true face of vaporizers

side effects of vaping

There is really no long term study of the effects of vaporizers to the health of people. This is because these devices are just invented recently (2003) so information in its long term effects is not yet available. So far these have proven to be safer for people than cigarettes. One good example that shows vaporizers are safe is that people can tolerate the vapours from these even in closed public spaces since it does not have the nasty smell of burning tobacco.

There is also circulating fears that these devices can introduce and encourage many young people to smoking cigarettes, but there is really no evidence or studies supporting this notion. However it is important to note that people drawn in to e-cigs are the very same people drawn in to smoking. Perhaps the comforting truth is that there are e-liquids that do not contain nicotine at all and the joy left for people using it is seeing vapour and the fact that they are holding something that calms their nerves.

The demand for e-cig and vaporizer is rising all over the world. Today it is a multi-billion dollar industry that might overtake the tobacco industry in a decade or so.

What are vaping side effects?

Contrary to popular belief, even with the safer ingredients contained in an e-liquid, vaping can still carry some side effects. This can include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Rash
  • Burning feeling in the face
  • Dry skin
  • Caffeine sensitivity
  • Dry eyes or puffy eyes

However it is important to remember that these side effects are usually temporary. But what is it you are getting from an e-cig? Here you will see that there are more advantages to using vaporizers than a cigarette.

  • No fire, flame, no need for lighter and no need to deal with cigarette butts and ashes
  • No need to deal with second hand smoke or be a source of second hand smoke
  • Less waste
  • You will have better health by steering clear from the thousands of chemicals you inhale by lighting a cigarette
  • No more ugly yellow fingers
  • No more smoker’s breath
  • No dealing with social stigmas of smoking
  • The vapour is completely odourless so it does not leave any smell in clothes

While people are still knowing more about vaporizers there is little doubt that using these for now is way safer than filling up your lungs with poisonous fumes. Are vaporizers safe? The answer is still yes even if a big part of long term use of these devices is not known for now. Just as in the use of diet pills, make sure you use them with full knowledge of the facts.

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